inGOV project goals

Goals and objectives

inGOV is an ambitious project with its goals divided into several thematics areas. Those areas are scientific and innovation objectives, business objectives, and technical objectives. Learn more about each of those areas below, as well as about the goals and objectives of every section.

Scientific and innovation objectives

Focusing on mapping IPS state-of-play in Europe and eliciting stakeholders needs in order to construct innovative PS and IPS conceptual co-creation models.

  • to understand stakeholders needs and state of play in IPS co-creation within the EU value ecosystem
  • to construct the GaaS and GaaP conceptual models
  • to investigate IPS Governance

Business objectives

Focus on providing guidelines and recommendations for IPS Governance, Agreements between stakeholders, stakeholders involvement, implementation and roadmap, but also for pilot deployment and evaluating as well as for deriving policy recommendations for the use of IPS governance models.

  • to construct an IPS holistic framework for IPS co-creation and co-delivery that includes guidelines and recommendations on IPS Governance, on IPS Agreements, on Stakeholders involvement and on Implementation as well as an agile roadmap
  • to prove applicability, usability, effectiveness and added value of inGov concepts, models and mechanisms in real-life settings, demonstrating the developed inGov artefacts under realistic conditions against a predefined set of pilot use cases
  • to accelerate the transition to new forms of dynamic, collaborative and connectable governance through the widespread awareness and application of the inGov agile roadmap, lessons learnt and policy recommendations
  • to ensure wide communication and scientific dissemination of the innovative inGov results to the research and academic communities, to promote clustering activities amongst the public administrations, private sector and all societal stakeholders, to contribute to relevant standardisation bodies, and to generate a proper methodology for handling all data-related assets produced in the project
  • to accelerate the pace of modernisation and innovation potential in European governments through the efficient exploitation and business planning of the inGov concepts and results

Technical objectives

Focusing on designing a reference architecture blueprint and an ICT platform to support the new IPS governance models.

  • to derive a reference architecture that is compatible with existing initiatives and also supports the new IPS co-creation governance models
  • to construct a modular platform to support the new IPS co-creation governance models based on emerging IT paradigms for accessible mobile and apps development