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The Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) is the central driver of Governments Information and Communications Technology (ICT) policy, programmes and initiatives in Malta.

MITA’s role is to deliver and implement the assigned programmes as set out in Mapping Tomorrow – A Strategic Plan for the Digital Transformation of the Public Administration 1 and the MITA Strategy 2021-202 2 3, the Digital Malta National ICT Strategy 2014 – 2020, to enhance public service delivery, and to provide the infrastructure needed to execute ICT services to Government.

MITA’s portfolio ranges from finance and healthcare, to social security, and has extensive expertise in Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Internet-of-Things, and Emerging Technologies.

Moreover, MITA is a dynamic and knowledge-driven organization thriving on the culture of being a cutting-edge IT services player serving the vision of Malta to become a world class information society and economy.

Malta Information Technology Agency

National road Gattard House
Blata l Bajda
HMR 9010