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RIDE Technologies (also, doing business under Point Jupiter brand) started and developed from the team that started working together back in 2009 after the founder, Vibor Cipan, has left his post at Microsoft’s Research and Development Centre in Copenhagen. The team, initially, started its business as a user experience design and consultancy firm. Soon, however, the team has developed and distributed a number of advanced software solutions. Research and development activities of the team have become the major part of its business and today around 80% of the revenues are coming as a result of product, design process and software innovations.

Today, the company is exporting around 80-85% of its products and services with 85-90% of revenues coming as a result of exports. Main services include product design and development, the web and mobile apps design and development, usability testing and research and all design related activities. RIDE has received international recognition for its innovative and research-driven work from some of the world’s most prestigious brands and institutions including UN, UNHCR, European Commission, World Economic Forum, IBM, Microsoft, TEDx, Burson – Marsteller, Edelman, Ogilvy, T-Mobile, and Deutsche Telekom.

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