Uni Systems S.M.S.A

Large Enterprise

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IT integrator

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Uni Systems S.M.S.A. was founded in 1964 and today is a member of Quest Group. Uni Systems is one of the most reliable ICT solutions providers in South-East and Central Europe, with subsidiaries in Brussels, Bucharest, Luxembourg and Milan.

With more than 900 specialized ICT professionals and established implementations in more than 26 countries, Uni Systems offers services in the sectors of Banking & Finance, Enterprise & Utilities, Government, and Telecommunications, as well as in EU Institutions and Agencies.

With its Research, Development & Innovation (RDI) Team its corporate R&D hub for emerging technologies and a key reference for the entire Uni Systems group, Uni Systems S.M.S.A., participates in Research, Development and Innovation projects in order to enhance its expertise and solutions portfolio and explore new and emerging technologies that will bring potential leadership opportunities.

Uni Systems S.M.S.A

19-23, Al. Pantou str.
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