In the heart of Croatia’s beautiful capital city, Zagreb, the inGOV Project recently marked a significant milestone with its seventh Plenary Meeting. Hosted by Ride Technologies (Point Jupiter) on the 18th and 19th of October 2023, the event provided a unique opportunity for project members to gather, reflect, and plan future project activities.

The first day of the Plenary Meeting saw enthusiastic members coming together to examine the work made across the Project. The pilot’s planning and evaluation work package lead, joined by partners from inGOV pilots spanning Austria, Greece, Croatia, and Malta, delivered insightful updates from their respective pilots. The discussions were not only about progress but also a deep dive into the challenges unique to each country. The collaborative spirit shone through as members shared experiences and strategized solutions, reinforcing the project’s commitment to overcoming obstacles collectively.

After a day filled with productive discussions, the team had a taste of a typical Croatian meal at a prominent Vinodol restaurant in Zagreb.

The momentum carried into the second day as discussions seamlessly continued from the previous day. A focused exploration of current project risks and the implementation of strategic mitigation actions showcased the proactive approach of the inGOV Project. The commitment to addressing challenges head-on and ensuring the project’s success was evident throughout.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) took center stage as the team evaluated the impact and effectiveness of their efforts. This assessment underlines the project’s dedication to not only making progress but also measuring and optimizing that progress for maximum impact.

Looking ahead, the inGOV Project stands to continue its journey of positive change, armed with the lessons learned, the bonds strengthened in Zagreb, and the commitment of its members. The seventh Plenary Meeting was not just a checkpoint; it was a testament to the power of co-creation in driving meaningful progress.

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