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Deliverable 1.1 named IPS Enhanced Models and Needs Elicitation, has two scientific and innovative objectives.

Objective 1 To understand stakeholders needs and the state of play in IPS co- creation within the EU value ecosystem.

Objective 2 to construct the Government as a Service (GaaS) and Government as a Platform (GaaP)conceptual models, meaning the development of the Integrated
Public Service (IPS) Co-Creation Conceptual Model (IPS-Co) and the enhanced Core Public Service Vocabulary (CPSV).

To reach both objectives, inGOV project argues that the current challenges faced by the public sector regarding public service provision, including

a) the need for trust building,

b) providingbetter services with fewer resources and

c) providing services that match the needs of users, can be addressed via co-creation processes and by exploiting relevant technologies.

The adoption of co- creation processes and the use of relevant technology can enhance the existent relevant European Union work.

Following the aforementioned assumption and by conducting primary and secondary research methods, this Deliverable meets its objectives from an integral approach. The Deliverable is
divided into three sections.

Section 1 is composed of five chapters.

Chapter 1 Integrated Public Services,

Chapter 2 Scoping Review of Public Services Co-creation,

Chapter 3 A Taxonomy of Public Values and

Chapter 4 Emerging Technologies, and Chapter 5 (IPS) Best Practices.

Section 2 includes
Chapter 6 Enhanced Core Public Service Vocabulary and

Chapter 7 Enhanced IPS Conceptual Model.

Section 3 is composed of Chapter 8 Users’ Needs Elicitation.

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