Work packages

Our entire work is divided into eight well-rounded and defined work packages. That way, we could organise our deliverables and timeframes with more efficiency and effectiveness. Therefore, we invite you to browse around and explore all our work packages to learn more about their goals, deliverables, and expectations.

Dissemination and exploitation


Our objectives are to fine-tune the dissemination and exploitation plan of the project, to develop and maintain the project website and social media presence amd to generate communication materials of both academic / research and commercial / business interest.

We will also organise a variety of targeted dissemination and exploitation activities in order to ensure that the project and its outcomes will be widely known and project impact will be at its highest. We will analyse the market and position inGov in it, identify potential key players for take-up activities, develop, evaluate and disseminate the inGov business models and we will put research findings into practice by integrating them into innovative products and services as well as present the inGov business plan