Work packages

Our entire work is divided into eight well-rounded and defined work packages. That way, we could organise our deliverables and timeframes with more efficiency and effectiveness. Therefore, we invite you to browse around and explore all our work packages to learn more about their goals, deliverables, and expectations.

IPS holistic framework


Some of our key objectives are to develop practical guidelines and recommendations on IPS governance based on the theoretical analysis of the three organisational structures (hierarchy, network and market) and to construct an agile road map for IPS considering the new IPS governance models that embrace emerging technologies and respects EU eGovernment and priorities.

We will also try to develop practical guidelines and recommendations on IPS agreements that need to be signed between organisations in IPS co-creation and co-delivery; on involving and engaging stakeholders, and for designing and implementing IPS co-creation and co-delivery initiatives and projects

Work package leader